The photo above was taken in 1940.  It is of Dale Gillaspie, and his model is Emma Belle.  Dale became a music educator, but he loved photography every bit as much, and continued his art his entire life.  He took many portraits and landscape photographs, then processed those shots in his basement darkroom.   He came by his appreciation for photography honestly, as his father Charlie (pictured below holding the camera) was doing “trick” photography in the early 1900’s.   Wonder what they would have done with Photoshop?   (By the way, Dale ended up marrying the young lady in the photo, and they spent almost 68 years together before his death in 2008.)   For close to 100 years, the Gillaspie family has been capturing great photographs.   Now in its third generation, the tools and equipment have changed, but the passion for photography remains the same!

Charlie Gillaspie in early 1900's

Charlie Gillaspie in early 1900’s